Air France provides everything you need to ensure that your long-haul trip will be a truly relaxing experience. From the comfort of your seat, select the type of entertainment that suits your mood. Music, movies, games, TV shows, cartoons... There's something for everyone!

Your aircraft's position in real time, live video of your take-off and landing, satellite photos of the countries below your aircraft ... Don't miss your flight's highlights!


Throughout your flight, gain access to up-to-the-minute information about your flight, including altitude, external temperature, remaining flight time, and the local time at your destination. Now you can follow each step of your flight's progress!
Your flight in satellite photos!
Geovision displays satellite photos* of the landscape below your aircraft, offering a unique, beautiful view of the world, thanks to our partner the European Space Agency (ESA).

* This option is reserved for routes between France and India, China, Japan, and Singapore.

External camera

Get a different perspective during take-off and landing, thanks to external cameras* placed on your aircraft. The camera even continues to film the landscape below throughout the entire duration of your flight. The perfect alternative to a window seat!

* Available on certain A330, Boeing 777-300, and A380 aircraft.

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