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Hong Kong

During the summer 2014 season, Air France will serve Hong Kong with a daily flight, operated at night on the way there and back, thus making it easier for customers to rest prior to arrival at destination.

From 27 May to 8 June 2014, the flights on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday will be operated by the A380. From 9 June to 25 October 2014, the flight will be operated by the A380 on a daily basis.

• Paris-Charles de Gaulle - Hong Kong: leaves at 23:25, arrives at 17:20 the following day
Flight AF 188

• Hong Kong - Paris-Charles de Gaulle: leaves at 00:50, arrives at 8:00 the same day
Flight: AF 187
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Since 2nd September 2013, Air France offers to its clients 3 weekly flights to Shanghai-Pudong by Airbus A380. Air France is the first European airline to fly to the Chinese economic capital with its very large aircraft.

To Shanghai-Pudong: Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays
From Shanghai-Pudong: Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays

• Paris - Shanghai: flight 11.20PM, arrival 16.20PM (next day);
Flight number AF116

• Shanghai - Paris: flight um 11.20PM, arrival 05.35AM (next day);
Flight number AF111
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Los Angeles


• Paris - Los Angeles: flight 10.30AM, arrival 01.15PM;
Flight number AF066

• Los Angeles - Paris: flight um 03.50PM, arrival 11.35AM (next day);
Flight number AF065
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• Paris - Washington: flight 01.35PM, arrival 04.10PM;
Flight number AF054

• Washington - Paris: flight um 07.20PM, arrival 08.35AM (next day);
Flight number AF055
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• Paris - Johannesburg: flight 11.20PM, arrival 11.00AM (next day);
Flight number AF990

• Johannesburg - Paris: flight um 08.15PM, arrival 05.55AM (next day);
Flight number AF995
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New York City


• Paris - New York: flight 02.05PM, arrival 04.20PM;
Flight number AF006

• New York - Paris: flight um 07.10PM, arrival 08.25AM (next day);
Flight number AF007
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