Protect your valuable items, electronic devices and more.
Get all of our tips to best prepare your hand and checked baggage.
You must attach a baggage tag with a barcode to the outside of each checked baggage item. You can collect your baggage tags by using an interactive kiosk at the airport, or by printing your baggage tags at home online.
Without a baggage tag, your baggage cannot be identified by our computer system and cannot be returned to you at the end of your trip.

Our advice: when printing your baggage tags at an interactive kiosk, remember to attach the 3 barcode stickers on different sides of your baggage. These stickers also contain the information used to identify your baggage.

We also recommend that you attach an address tag including your first and last name, mobile phone number and e-mail address to the outside of your baggage.
It is also important to indicate your name and contact information inside your baggage. Slide a business card or piece of paper with your first and last name, mobile phone number and e-mail address into one of your baggage item’s inside pockets.
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Below are some of our tips to best prepare your baggage.

  • Indicate your name and contact information on the inside and outside of your checked baggage items.

  • Before checking in your baggage, remove all tags and barcodes from previous trips.

  • Personalize your checked baggage (using stickers, ribbons or other distinctive markings) to help you locate it in the baggage delivery area.

  • Make sure nothing is sticking out of your baggage: straps, cords, etc.

  • Make sure your baggage is securely closed. If you use a baggage lock, check that it is a model approved by TSA for trips to/from the United States. This will help ensure that your baggage is not damaged during inspection.

  • Weigh your baggage at home and make sure it does not exceed the weight limit.

  • Choose the right baggage size for your needs: an over-stuffed baggage may break during travel.

  • Place heavy items at the bottom of your baggage and fold or roll similar clothing items together to reduce wrinkling.

  • Keep all valuable and fragile items, travel documents, medicine and other necessary items in your hand baggage.

  • Make sure your items are not prohibited for transport in the hold or cabin.

  • Take a photo of your checked baggage before your trip.

  • Print your baggage tags at home whenever possible. When you arrive at the airport, insert each tag into a baggage tag holder provided at no charge by Air France in every airport. You must attach a baggage tag holder containing a baggage tag to each checked baggage item.
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We recommend that you transport all valuable, fragile and necessary items in your hand baggage.

  • Valuable items: keys, ID cards, important documents, cash, valuable objects, jewelry, etc.

  • Necessary items: medicine, prescriptions, etc.

  • Fragile items: camera, computer equipment, etc.

Please note that any compensation for missing or damaged items is limited by the Montreal Convention and Article 19 of our General Conditions of Carriage.
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Special rules apply for the use of electronic devices on board. These rules vary depending on the type of device and the flight phase.

  • Electronic devices with an Internet connection (mobile phones, tablets, watches, etc.) can be used in the cabin throughout the entire flight if they remain in airplane mode. These devices must be stowed or held in hand during taxi, takeoff and landing. Laptops (and similar large devices) must be turned off and stowed during these 3 flight phases.

  • However, electronic devices that do not have an airplane mode and that may interfere with cabin equipment must be turned off throughout the entire flight.

  • Other electronic devices (music players, games consoles, etc.) are also permitted on board, as long as the WiFi is disabled (except on aircraft equipped with WiFi connection).

  • Bluetooth controlled electronic devices (headphones, watches, etc.) are also permitted on board.

  • Electronic cigarettes and their spare batteries are prohibited from transport in the hold. You must keep any electronic cigarettes with you, but you may carry spare batteries in your hand baggage.
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For everyone's safety, keep your baggage close to you at all times.
Do not entrust your baggage to a third party. Never carry baggage for a stranger.

Heavy fines may be imposed, and you may even be banned from boarding your flight.
If in doubt, Air France staff is available to assist you.
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