La Réunion, The Majestic Island Of The Indian Ocean, Guadeloupe, a land of contrast between land and sea or Martinique, the enchantress of the Caribbean


Fort-de-France from 499 CHF

Martinique has the sky, the sun, the sea... and so much more. A picture-perfect postcard island, Martinique is also full of unexpected treasures…On the island, the most famous places, those that delight tourists the most, are found mainly in the south. But we must also head a little further north to François Bay. It is there we find 'white backgrounds' as they are called here. With water up to the waist, it is heaven just getting off a boat to sip a freshly prepared 'ti-punch'. According to legend, this was 'Josephine's bath', named in memory of the daughter of the island, Josephine de Beauharnais, born Tascher de La Pagerie, who became the Empress of the French, although it was never proved that she bathed here... but who cares about such details; in Martinique, we love stories. 

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Pointe-a-Pitre from 499 CHF

Caribbean sun, white sandy beaches, turquoise sea, and a European lifestyle. Guadeloupe's two islands offer a captivating array of natural and cultural attractions.Guadeloupe, a narrow territory in the Caribbean Sea, is part of the Lesser Antilles and comprises several islands with contrasting scenery and wildlife, all united under the French banner. The largest, posed like a butterfly in the middle of the water, is called 'Karukera' in Amerindian. It is the most amazing, both in terms of its mountainous topography and exuberant nature, and the diversity of its beaches. You will be amazed by so much beauty and diversity, with idleness the ideal approach for some, sports and exploration for others. Happiness is a temperature of 27°C and water at 25°C all year round. What are you waiting for?

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St. Denis from 705 CHF

In the Mascarene archipelago, Réunion Island, a former French colony previously called “Bourbon Island” covers 2,500 square kilometres and is a unique destination in the French overseas departments and territories.Réunion, nicknamed “intense island”, is not a tropical island like any other because it offers travellers a composite of all that is best in the world. With over 40% of the island a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is one of the few destinations where one can experience so many sensations in a single trip.Réunion abounds with fabulous coral reefs brimming with myriad colourful species. It is a paradise for snorkelers and diving aficionados. And there are other water sports aplenty, from surfing and canyoning to water skiing and deep-sea fishing. 

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Cayenne from 699 CHF

French Amazonia is a land of luxurious nature that you can discover onboard a dugout canoe, looking for wild birds and camping along the Approuague River. Cultivate your childhood dreams, be an adventurer, a parrot seeker or an explorer of uncharted territories. Whether under blazing sun or heavy rain, the extraordinary lushness of the Amazon is astounding for its incredible plant and animal diversity. From the tree canopy to the mangrove, the savannah to the marshes, the rustling landscapes play an invisible melody in which animal, bird, and insect communication are woven together.

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Saint Martin from 599 CHF

Two countries on the same island with two different atmospheres: on the one hand, France and its gentle and calm lifestyle. On the other, the exuberance and nocturnal madness of the Netherlands. Going to Saint Martin is an incredible experience back-dropped by white sandy beaches.

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